Tuesday, March 11, 2008


As i sit in front of my computer, ready to go to the gym, i have this craving for nasi lemak...oh dear...not those served on plates, but the ones that you get from the mamak stalls...hmmm...i wonder which mamak stall in the country sells the best nasi lemak bungkus?

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Aizuddin said...

hello dr. teh..
im din, one of the TESL twinning programme cohort 2 students and i was interested in reading all of your blogs.. keep on writing dr!!! ok talking about nasi lemak bungkus, there are 2 shops which i recommend so far, the one inside MAULANA corner in serdang, near the BSN one remember? (only at morning) and other one beside ampang point theres a nasi lemak 'panas' stall (only at evening).... enjoy!!!!