Sunday, October 12, 2008

Church in India under persecution

One piece of news that is not getting much attention in secular newspapers is the persecution of Christians in India by militant Hindus in India. While Hindraf (in Malaysia) is fighting for the rights and justice for the Indians in Malaysia, their fellow Hindu brothers and sisters in India, especially in Orissa, India, are hacking Christians to death, possibly forcing them to convert to Hinduism.

Pray for the Indian christians especially in the state of Orissa.

See the following:

May God strengthen and increase the faith of christians in India.


mei.yin said...

It's really sad to get to know that, i think they don't know what is the the real teaching of their religion, "Love and Respect"! why still act like a babarian! so violent...,sometimes, what i feel human being is very horrible and terrible, yet awful.

Simpleton said...

Yes sir, I agree with u too! When I read that article i was very depressed. Down there, it's just plain torture and living is akin to a straitjacket.

No freedom, my prayers are with them!