Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bukit Antarabangsa

this morning, I woke up about four something, maybe five. can't remember. heard sirens. thought it was an accident or robbery (shootout). went back to sleep, but heard more sirens...wah...woke up again and looked out the bedroom window, lots of cars....i thought a bad accident....but my apt's parking area a lot of people...hmmm...wondered what had happened...went out and asked my of them said there was a landslide...wah...cannot believe...

walked up the road about hudred meters...yes, landslide...terrible....rubble and soil has blocked the road and was told at that time, bungalows were hit. The soil and rubble was about two storeys high.

People started to walked out from the bungalow area....later saw two bodies carried out....

Thank you for all the sms from my friends. My apt is not affected. From my bedroom window, can see the tragedy about three hundred meters away (the bungalows are right in front of my apt). the affected bungalows are further away.

I was told (and confirmed later in the news), one of the victims was my condolences to Mr. Thana's family.

Staying over at Ethen (my friend)'s place now cos this evening, there was no electricity and water.

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Sheng Wang said...

A friend on my was staying there when the landslide happen. The road in front of her house covered those bungalow below. Till today she still could not go home. The police is station at the road on the way to the affected area 24 hour so that nobody could enter.