Monday, June 29, 2009

A visit to the Pink Triangle

Went to visit the Pink Triangle Foundation (PTF) in KL. I always thought it was a 'gay' orgnization. Not really, yes, they do work for the gay community (HIV+, educating on safe sex awareness, etc) but the acting executive director told me that actually seventy to eighty percent of their work is on the drug addicts, mak nyah,..generally the marginalized...the community of people forsaken by their parents, village, etc. People who are drug addicts and who have no hope in life....
What good work they are doing...never mind about the morality of it all (I guess some people would brand these as 'sinners', 'low-educated' etc), but I am greatly impressed with the work that is being done by Pink Triangle Foundation. Keep it up you guys in PTF. By the way, they are looking for funds. So if anyone dunno what to do with their spare cash....give a thought (and your money) to PTF.

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