Saturday, December 26, 2009

disappointing trip

tomorrow going back to KL, after four days in vietnam. Rather disappointing trip for me. Ho ChiMinh city is crowded,dirty and noisy. nothing much to see here. Went for mekong river cruise and it was disappointing as well. Nothing new to see there. Took about two hours plus to go there from the city, and two hours back, duh...and saw nothing.

Food wise, another disappointment. The only good things here are the beef noodles and the vietnamese spring rolls (the ones with pork fillings inside). Don't take the ones where you roll by yourselves (the ones served with pork or shrimp and various kinds of veggies/herbs). It was horrible...
So, take the ones that are deep fried. NOw, those are lovely. Will be back to be home the proverb goes, "east or west, home is best"